NEW: A suite of products for routing compressed IP feeds in the cloud or locally.

CC Route

CC Route allows you to route IP feeds around a facility or vehicle like any other video signal. This means any standards compliant feed, can be routed into decoders (including Forward Error Correction (FEC) data) . Inputs and Outputs can be added and removed without interruption. A thumbnail preview in the simple-to-use web interface means you can monitor feeds without having to go to baseband. At the same time the router can be managed via SNMP, allowing easy integration into existing workflows.

CC IP Gateway

Routing capabilities are hampered by existing receive equipment having only limited support for IP. CC IP Gateway has also the same routing functionality but also features a built in IP-Gateway capability. Both FEC and ARQ (where available from another IP Gateway or from a compliant encoder) are applied allowing improved resilience over unmanaged networks. This allows simple creation of contribution feeds over unmanaged networks using the cloud where preferred whilst at the same time allowing backwards compatibility for equipment not capable of performing FEC or ARQ.

CC Pool

Sharing feeds in the IP world between broadcasters can be difficult - many different vendors exist with their own walled-gardens. This leads either to a turnaround in baseband, adding latency, or having to purchase one of every proprietary decoder. CC Pool has the same functionality as the IP Gateway but allows each broadcaster to login and route to their own destinations accordingly. These destinations could be directly to standards compliant decoders or to a CC IP Gateway for enhanced error resilience.


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