Channel 10 Uruguay selects Open Broadcast Encoder for national ISDB-T platform

IBC 2014 (4.A61h) – Saeta TV Channel 10 Uruguay has selected Open Broadcast Encoder (OBE) for its national ISDB-T platform. OBE is used to encode HD MPEG-4/AVC services compliant with the ISDB-T standard as used in Latin America. A further 15 channels throughout Uruguay will also be using OBE as part of systems integration work by the local team who delivered the encoding platform for Saeta TV.

As a software-defined encoder, OBE allows broadcasters to deploy high quality broadcast encoding on commodity hardware. This allows for new encoders to be rolled out within a very short space of time, simplifying and adding flexibility to operations.

“OBE has been a stable and high quality encoder for our channels that we have been able to build and install locally” said Marcelo Coggan, Chief Technology Officer of Saeta TV.

“Saeta have been able to deploy OBE with ease on their ISDB-T platform using commodity equipment. We hope they will be pleased with the benefits that an IT-based broadcast infrastructure offers” said Kieran Kunhya, Managing Director of Open Broadcast Systems.

About Saeta TV Channel 10 Uruguay:

Launched in 1956, Saeta TV Channel 10 was the first television channel to be broadcast in Uruguay. Saeta TV first launched ISDB-T transmissions in 2011.

About Open Broadcast Systems:

Open Broadcast Systems manages the development and deployment of Open Source products for professional television compression and distribution. Millions of viewers every day enjoy Tier 1 broadcast television services encoded with products from Open Broadcast Systems running entirely on commodity hardware.