Aren't software video encoders too slow for HD?

Not any more. With recent advances in processor speeds and code optimisations software encoding can produce real-time results on HD material (both 720p and 1080i) better than those of many hardware encoders.

Can this do OTT/web streaming etc.?

No, OBE, is designed for professional television encoding, not for web streaming.

You appear to be missing *insert feature* that we need?

Contact us since we could add this feature as part of custom development work.

What is Open Source Software?

Open Source software is software in which the underlying operating code is available for anyone to view or improve. The most well known piece of open source software is the Linux Operating System. This is unlike proprietary software in which the underlying code is kept secret.

Can I use Open Source Software Commercially?

Yes, there are no restrictions against commercial use of Open Source Software. If you wish to distribute Open Source software, you must first be sure that you comply with the licence conditions.

What are the codec licensing arrangements for the Open Broadcast Encoder?

OBE is only shipped in source code form. After compiling, use of OBE does not require a use fee except where codec royalties may be payable for transmissions in your country - please seek legal advice. N.B: This is the same for any software or hardware encoding product. It is a common myth to believe that a paid encoder gives a licence to transmit - this is not the case. The licence included with a paid encoder is a licence for sale (for which OBE does not require since it is distributed in source code form). The licence to transmit is separate from the licence for sale.

What bitrate can the Open Broadcast Encoder encode HD at?

Unlike other encoder manufacturers we do not claim that our encoder can encode HD at a certain bitrate. HD picture quality is highly subjective and we believe that the bitrates other manufacturers claim may be unreachable for an acceptable HD picture quality. However, we can say that in a large proportion of cases the Open Broadcast Encoder will have superior quality to other encoders.

Where can I see PSNR/SSIM graphs?

The underlying x264 encoder has psychovisual optimisations which lower PSNR/SSIM but deliver increased visual quality. As a result PSNR/SSIM graphs will mask the true quality of the encoder.